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Instructions for Use UPTP “Arthro-Physomed” Paraffin-containing therapeutic elastic-cotton device for the treatment of the cervicothoracic spine

Instructions for Use UPTP “Arthro-Physomed” Paraffin-containing therapeutic elastic-cotton device for the treatment of the cervicothoracic spine


 1. Application
The paraffin-containing therapeutic elastic-cotton device UPTP-“Arthro-Physomed” is designed for the treatment of the cervicothoracic spine.

2. Indications and contraindications
1. Osteochondrosis of the cervicothoracic spine – treatment and prophylaxis.
2. To unload the cervicothoracic spine.
3. To recover appropriate blood supply and innervation of the vertebral column.
4. Carriage abnormalities caused by laxity of the ligamentous apparatus.
Clinical trials have revealed no contraindications.

3. Included:
1. Retaining unit -1.
2. Therapeutic paraffin-containing inserts in cotton covers - 6.
3. Instructions for Use - 1.
4. Method of application
a) Open the plastic bag.
b) Take out the retaining unit and therapeutic inserts.
c) Put the 3 inserts horizontally, either side first, into pocket #1 located over the shoulder-girdle muscles; put the remaining 3 inserts, either side first, into pocket #2 located over the vertebral column. (Figure 1)
Important! Pushing the inserts into the pockets requires effort. DO NOT take the paraffin-containing inserts out of their covers !. Caution should be used so that the material and the seams of the retaining unit are not damaged.

d) Put the device on so that the upper pocket is in the projection of the shoulder-girdle muscles, use the closing to fix the device, and correct the size using the regulators. Wear the “Physomed-Arthro” device loosely, without excessive tightening. Remember that this is not a band.

The device should be put either on the naked body or over the underwear. Only put the device on undamaged skin.
The “Fizomed-Arthro” device is designed for continuous use. Application should preferably be on an around-the-clock basis.
During a therapeutic course, the “Fizomed-Arthro” device may be taken off only in the following cases:
- for washing
- to allow showering, bathing, and similar procedures
- if the device causes significant discomfort in certain periods (sleep, physical exercising etc.), it should be taken off for these periods.
Do not forget to put the “Fizomed-Arthro” device back on after these interruptions. If longer breaks are allowed, the efficacy of this treatment will be significantly compromised.
The “Fizomed-Arthro” device may be used either as monotherapy or in combination with any other therapies. Combined therapy featuring this device allows to potentiate effects of pharmaceuticals, and significantly lower their doses and reduce the duration of their use.
The inserts may change their shape because of the body temperature's impact or split, which does not affect their therapeutic activity.
Use of an individual device by other people is undesirable.

5. Application period
Application periods are strictly individual and depend significantly on the nature of the pathological process and its severity. The recommended minimal period of continuous use is 3 months. When necessary, the application period may be prolonged to 6-9-12 months, and even further in some cases.
It should be remembered that, when achieving a comprehensive therapeutic effect, pain relief is just the first stage of treatment and the process of treatment should not be discontinued after the acute symptoms have resolved. At the second stage of the treatment process, the progression of cartilage degeneration is counteracted. The third stage of treatment includes further induction of the recovery initiated in the spine. To achieve a comprehensive therapeutic effect and eliminate mechanisms resulting in the progression of disease, all these stages have to be completed.
The device produces no adverse effects on other organs and tissues, and, if necessary, can be used throughout its service period.
Maximal period of device use:
For treatment purposes: 2 years beginning from the treatment commencement though not exceeding the date “Use before…”, pointed on the cardboard wrapper.
For prophylactic purposes: until the date “Use before…”, pointed on the cardboard wrapper.

6. Recommendations for care
The device may be washed: remove the therapeutic paraffin-containing inserts and place them in a dark place at room temperature. The frequency of washing should be determined by the patient and depends on how fast the device soils. Only hand washing is recommended, without presoaking, at water temperature 40 degrees Celsius the highest. After the retaining unit of the device has dried out, place the therapeutic paraffin-containing inserts back into their pockets and put the device back on as described above.

7. Storage
When not worn, the “Fizomed-Arthro” device should be stored in its box, in a dark place, at room temperature.
Placing the device close to any sources of heat, fire, caustics, or dissolvents.
It should be remembered that the melting temperature of paraffin is only 54 degrees Celsius. The surface temperature of most heating devices, as well as of air jets emitted by heat ventilators, is significantly higher. To avoid melting of the therapeutic inserts, caution should be exercised when in proximity to sources of heat (radiators, cookstoves, ovens, heat ventilators, seats with electrical heating etc.); these objects should never come into contact with body parts wearing the device. 

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