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Instructions for Use UPks, UPls, and UPgs "Fizomed-Arthro" elastic-cotton devices with two therapeutic paraffin-containing inserts for the treatment of the knee, elbow, and ankle joints.

Instructions for Use UPks, UPls, and UPgs "Fizomed-Arthro" elastic-cotton devices with two therapeutic paraffin-containing inserts for the treatment of the knee, elbow, and ankle joints.

Устройства парафинсодержащие терапевтические серии ФИЗОМЕД-АРТРО


1. Application 
           The elastic-cotton devices equipped with regulating retainers and two therapeutic paraffin-containing inserts for the treatment of the knee and elbow joints, UPks and UPls  “Fizomed-Arthro”,  are designed for the treatment and prophylaxis of chronic inflammatory (arthritis) and degenerative (arthrosis) diseases of the knee, elbow, and ankle joints, joint damages of traumatic and loading nature, post-traumatic and postoperative complications. 
           The mechanism of action does not involve effects of external warmth; it is due to  the actions exerted by the therapeutic paraffin-containing inserts placed inside the retaining unit on pathological processes developing in the joint. 
The effects of the therapeutic paraffin-containing “Fizomed-Arthro” device on the joint include eradication or significant relief of pain and inflammation, elimination of edema and periarticular muscle spasm, activation of microcirculation, trophism, and cell metabolism in the periarticular and intraarticular tissues, gradual regeneration (recovery) of cartilaginous and connective tissues, increased range and amplitude of motion in the joint, reduced healing periods, and significantly improved well-being and quality of life of the patient.

2. Indications and contraindications 
           chronic inflammatory joint diseases (arthritis). 
           chronic degenerative joint diseases (arthrosis). 
           joint trauma: 
           - sprain of ligaments, tendons, and muscles 
           - athletic and ballet injuries 
           - overexertion, overtraining of joints 
           post-traumatic and postoperative complications. 
           periarticular disturbances 
           - joint  instability. 
           - periarticular muscle spasm.

           Moderate to severe varicosity 
           Skin / soft tissue lesions over the elbow / knee / ankle joints 
           Individual intolerance

3. Method of application 
           а) Open the plastic bag. 
           b) Take out the retaining unit and therapeutic inserts. 
           c) Put the therapeutic inserts vertically, either side first, into the retaining unit’s pockets. 
           d) Use the device so that the pockets with the therapeutic inserts in them are on the internal lateral and external lateral surfaces of the joint, with the seam of the device on the flexion surface of the joint (bend of the arm, popliteal fossa).

4. Use of the device 
           The UPks/UPls “Fizomed-Arthro” device may be applied directly on the body’s surface or over a stocking. To choose the correct device, consider its number, which corresponds with the following: 
           a) for the knee and elbow joints:  
two limb circumferences (12 – 13 cm downward and upward from the median horizontal line of the knee or elbow joint). A reference table can be found on the package. 
           b) for the ankle joint: 
ankle circumference. 

           The  "Fizomed-Arthro" device should be used in a continuous (preferably around-the-clock) regimen, and the appropriateness of this regimen affects the duration and efficacy of treatment. 
           Short application-free periods are allowed in the following cases: 
- cleaning or washing of the retaining unit is necessary, 
- bathing; swimming; other contact with water. 
- discomfort arising when the device is used during sleep or active physical exercising (as in gym or when bicycling, walking long distances, running etc.). 
The "Fizomed-Arthro"device should preferably be used  immediately following a necessary break, so that the level of this treatment’s results can be maintained. 

Possible alterations of the size or integrity of the paraffin-containing inserts do not entail a negative effect on their therapeutic activity. 
The device is designed for individual use.  
Use of an individual device by other people is undesirable. 
The device is nonreturnable and non-exchangeable.

5. Application period 
           Application periods are strictly individual and significantly depend on the duration and severity of the underlying pathological process. Initial effects, almost in 85% of cases, are achieved at the first stage of treatment (2 – 4 weeks), which may be manifested by minor exacerbation of the pain originating from the pathological focus; accordingly, this exacerbation is not a contraindication for further device application. The minimal application period is 3 months; during this time, the majority of patients experience, as a rule, a significant improvement in their well-being, as the pain, joint stiffness, tightness, and edema are relieved or significantly diminished, and range of motion in the affected joint increases, that is, the spasm and inflammation are controlled, and thus a favourable background is created for the deep remedial action of the therapeutic device on the pathological processes developing inside the joint. 
           When a therapeutic application period lasts 6 months or longer, reliable improvements occur in the internal blood flow, microcirculation, trophism, and cell metabolism, which arrests the progressive destruction of the cartilage and activates the rehabilitation processes in the intraarticular tissue structures. 
           Therefore, the range and amplitude of motion in the joint increases, the tendon-ligamentous apparatus is strengthened, and an optimal “muscle girdle” is created, which eliminates the joint’s instability and considerably improves the patient's motor activity. 
           A continuous therapeutic course may last throughout the service period of this device, which is indicated on the package. 
           For prevention, the “Fizomed-Arthro” device may be used over 2 to 3 weeks allowing a break every 3 months. 
           The “Fizomed-Arthro” series devices are well tolerated, safe, and compatible with other treatments; they produce no adverse effects, which allows their use in patients of all age groups (provided indications and physician recommendations are observed).

Maximal period of device use:

For treatment purposes: 2 years beginning from the treatment commencement though not exceeding the date “Use before…”, pointed on the cardboard wrapper.
For prophylactic purposes: until the date “Use before…”, pointed on the cardboard wrapper.

6. Recommendations for care

Hand washing is recommended: remove the therapeutic paraffin-containing inserts and place them in a dark place at room temperature. Wash the retaining unit without presoaking, at water temperature 40 degrees Celsius the highest. After drying, place the therapeutic paraffin-containing inserts back into their pockets for further use.

7. Storage

Store in package at room temperature, in a place protected from light.

Prohibited !
Storage and use in immediate proximity to sources of heat or caustics.


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