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Therapeutic Device Prostalong-Fizomed


Instruction for Use of Paraffin-Containing Therapeutic Device Prostalong-Fizomed

Paraffin-containing therapeutic device Prostalong-Fizomed is used for treatment and prophylaxis of diseases of the prostate associated with chronic pain, urination disorders, and sexual dysfunction (chronic prostatitis including chronic prostate stones and certain cases of benign hyperplasia and adenoma of the prostate).
            Mechanism of action excludes external heat and involves paraffin-containing medical insert as the main component of device Prostalong-Fizomed which relieves pathological processes in the prostate. Paraffin-containing insert influences the projection zone of the prostate (sacrolumbar region) activating microcirculation, nutrition, and cellular metabolism in tissues thus significantly decreasing pain and edema components; it relieves pain, inflammation, and stagnation in the prostate and surrounding tissues, cures urination disorders and sexual dysfunction substantially improving self-evaluation and quality of life of the patients.

2. Indications.
Chronic prostatitis
Chronic prostate stones
Chronic pelvic pain syndrome
Sexual dysfunction 

3. Counterindications.
Individual intolerance 

4. Instructions for use:
a) Open the package.
b) Attach the device to fix the pocket with therapeutic paraffin-containing insert to the sacrolumbar region of the spine (Fig. 1).
c) Size of the device corresponds to the circumference of the thighs at sacral level (85 to 125 cm). To adjust the size of the device, lock it at the required length of the Velcro lock. The remaining free end of the elastic band can be cut off with scissors as shown in Fig. 2.  

Fig. 2

Fig 1

Attention! The cutting line should be 2-3 mm away from the seam. Fig. 2

5. Use of the device
Device Prostalong-Fizomed can be applied directly to the skin or through the underwear. Size of the device corresponds to the circumference of the body at thighs.
Device Prostalong-Fizomed should be used continuously preferably for 24 hours; the regimen might influence duration and efficacy of treatment.
Short breaks in therapy can be allowed in order to:
- wash the holder;
- swimming in a pool or other reservoir, other water and hygiene procedures;
- discomfort while sleeping or during active physical load.
Device Prostalong-Fizomed should be applied again immediately after the break so that beneficial effect does not disappear.

Possible changes in shape or integrity of paraffin inserts have no negative influence of their therapeutic efficacy.
The device is designed for individual use and should not be shared with other people.
It cannot be returned of exchanged.


6. Duration of the treatment.
Duration of treatment cycle depends on individual parameters of the patient, history and severity of pathology. Minimal treatment should last for 3 months; in most patients, self-evaluation is significantly improved, pain is relieved, urination is normalized and sexual activity is enhanced due to diminished edema and spasm associated with inflammation which are the main causes for pathological drainage and stagnation of secretion in the prostate.
Long-term therapy over 3 months significantly restores circulation and innervation of the tissues, normalizes function of the prostate and sexual activity, destroys prostate stones, substantially lowers the risk of recurrence of acute symptoms and complications, and increases quality of life of the patients.
Long history and complicated course of the disease can influence duration of the treatment by increasing administration of Prostalong-Fizomed for up to 6 and more months.
Continuous treatment can be administered during the whole shelf life of the device which is indicated on the package.
In case of prophylactic use, device Prostalong-Fizomed can be applied for 2-3 weeks every 3 months to decrease the risk of complications and exacerbation of the disease. Device Prostalong-Fizomed is well tolerated; it is safe and compatible with other medications having no side effects; it can be used in patients of all ages as prescribed by physician.
Maximal period of device use:

For treatment purposes: 2 years beginning from the treatment commencement though not exceeding the date “Use before…”, pointed on the cardboard wrapper.
For prophylactic purposes: until the date “Use before…”, pointed on the cardboard wrapper.

7. Care
Hand washing is recommended; paraffin-containing insert should be taken out and placed in the dark at room temperature. The carrier part of the device should not be presoaked and can be washed in warm water (no more than 40 degrees centigrade). After drying, medical insert should be reloaded into the pocket for subsequent use.

8. Storage
Store Prostalong-Fizomed at room temperature in the dark. It is strictly prohibited to store and use the device in the vicinity of heat sources and corrosive chemicals.

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