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Вопрос: Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Ирина 48 лет. В 1996 удалена щитовидная железа онкология 2 степени. В ноябре 2006 удалена левая почка и надпочечник онкология повторилась через 10 лет. С ноября по май после операции почку не ощущала. В мае 2007 ощутила ед.правую почку она заболела и появилось ощущение что она мерзнет, стала принимать через месяц канефрон и толокнянку –почка была спокойна. Этой весной боли в ед. почки снова появились. Придерживаюсь диеты. Подскажите как жить с ед. правой почкой, поддерживать ее в здоровом состоянии. Заранее благодарна.
Ответ: Уважаемая, Ирина!  В Вашем случае можно рекомендовать наше лечебное устройство "ППхб-Физомед"  Оно создано для разрушения камней в почках и лечения остеохондроза поясничного отдела позвоночника, оно снимает боли, улучшает функцию почек. Это изделие можно использовать и при онкологических заболеваниях,  так как нет глубокого прогревающего эффекта. 

FIZOMED - Effective means for safe treatment

From the beginning of the ninetieth years the group of the Russian researchers was engaged in development of essentially new means of treatment of widespread diseases. In 1997 this work has been finished, and NPO "Fizomed" was closely engaged in introduction in medical practice of unique highly effective means of treatment of urolithiasis and cholelithiasis, prostatitis, osteochondrosis and joint diseases. All these devices have successfully passed clinical testing and have been registered in Ministry of Health of Russian Federation.

"Fizomed" devices eliminate the original cause of disease, instead of treat its consequences. Experience of application of these devices proves - many illnesses can be treated successfully without application of strong medicines that in many cases it is possible to avoid surgical operations and other injuring methods that, at last, it is possible to save many forces and means, having gained thus the maximum effect from treatment. Devices " Fizomed " are the real break in medical practice and personify the image of medicine of the future, XXI-st century medicine.

Paraffin-containing device "PPHB-FIZOMED" gives the real possibility to get rid of nephroliths without operation . Those who suffered from back pains and joints for many long years, being afraid to make sharp movement, now come back to normal life by means of devices "Fizomed-Artro". Application of "Vezikur-Fizomed" device successfully solves still recently almost unsoluble problem – to get rid of gallstones without operation. Men had a hope to get rid of a prostatitis and to return pleasure of high-grade relations with darling thanks to device "Prostalong-Fizomed".

Outstanding performance in a combination to safety and simplicity of application – these qualities distinguish goods "Fizomed" and do its really necessary for people. Thanks to the unique properties, our means often become a saving exit for the people who have already lost the hope for recovery. It on advantage have estimated hundred thousand of patients - paraffin-containing devices issued by NPO "Fizomed", use stable demand for territories of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Goods deliveries to Germany, Serbia, the republic of South Africa, other countries are performed. NPO "Fizomed" was awarded by a medal of the Russian Academy of Natural sciences (RANS), diplomas of the international exhibitions.

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